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Sweet corn is a vegetable that provides you with several beneficial nutrients. It mainly supplies with carbohydrates, proteins and fibre, apart from vitamins and minerals. It is beneficial for health, and used to treat heart and nerves diseases, etc.  As one of the leading suppliers in Malaysia, we have dedicated our focus on three main sweet corn products. Our sweet corn are picked and packed at the peak of freshness for the highest standard in rich, sweet flavor.
Corn Kernel Malaysia
Corn Kernel Malaysia

Non-Cut Hand Picked Sweet Corn

With the combination of conventional and new technologies, we implement different levels of grade categorization to maintain the consistency of food quality. To capture the finest quality, we extract the whole kernel carefully with no-cutting to ensure the kernel remain crunchy and juicy.

Our Sweet Corn

Our main product is fresh corn kernels for use in cup corn or food products. To maintain the sweetness and crunchiness of our fresh corn, all our whole sweet corn kernels are removed manually by hand at our farms.

We also produce young corn and Sweet Corn on cob targeted for local consumption. Young corn is used in cooking in restaurants whereas sweet corn on cob production caters to local wet market demands in Malaysia.

Corn Kernels In Cup

Whole Corn Kernels

Frozen Corn Kernels

Benefits Of Our Sweet Corn


Rich in vitamin B,1, B5, C


Helps to keep the instetinal tract running smoothly. Maintains a healthy digestive system.


Prevent neural-tube birth defects. Helps to reduce the risk of heart diseasea and stroke.

Ferulic Acid

Help to increase antioxidant activity

What Is Whole Kernel Sweet Corn

KHL is focused on producing the best quality corn kernels for consunption and we specialize in the “non-cut” whole kernel variety. (Preserve the Germ)
Corn Kernel Malaysia

KHL's Sweet Corn Kernel

  • Non-cut Whole Kernel
  • Manual Extraction
  • High Nutritional Value
  • Taste Crispy
  • Processing to cooling about 4-6 hours
    (Absolutely Fresh)
Corn Kernel Malaysia

Common Sweet Corn Kernel

  • Mechanical Removal
  • Low Nutritional Value
  • Taste Bad
  • Germ Free
    (Loss of nutrition)

Looking For High Quality Corn

Looking sweet corn export or sweet corn franchise? Give us a call today to know more about our corn product including frozen corn and sweet corn export related information.

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